wing chun drills – from the form to the fight

How many people “know” the forms ? How many people can improvise and adapt in a pressured situation and it look like moves from the form? ¬†Recently we have been looking at the forms and drilling the basic movements but we drill the movements from the form in a slightly different way to most in that we like to add movement as soon as possible. The reason for this is in any situation where Wing Chun Kuen is required the people involved are usually moving. Training and drilling from a static position should be considered a remedial skill for new starters and as soon as the basic mechanics are learnt we add movement.


This is a clip showing 3 stages of learning an application of the Snake Hand. We break it down into 3 sections and don’t move to the next section without being capable of the last.

Stage 1 – understanding the movement and what its supposed to be doing

Stage 2 – performing the movement to a competent level

Stage 3 Рperforming the movement in motion without your training partner helping you. ( this part is essential for you to gain a true understanding of the movement )

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