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great weekend

As a coach to many I lead a diverse life of coaching travelling and coaching some more, this past weekend i graded two very dedicated chinese boxing students to the grade of Purple belt, took 7 of the BJJ team to a competition and came away with 6 medals then held a Wing Chun Chi... Read more »

what does Wing Chun look like ?

What does Wing Chun lookalike?........ Good question?........... What should Wing Chun look like is maybe a better question... or is it? If you are 2 metres tall should your Wing Chun look exactly the same as someone 1.5 metres tall? If you weigh the same as a small car do you still need the same amount... Read more »

chi sao open days are getting bigger and better

Open Chi Sao days are happening more and more in the UK, The format is well established and the ground rules easy to follow. Every event so far has gone off without a hicth and every event has been cross lineage,  The latest one was in Birmingham and was by far the biggest to date... Read more »

A quick look Wing Chun ground fighting myths

Hitting people in the groin and poking people in the eye are often cited as staple Wing Chun Kuen moves when in a tight spot on the ground. Any forum thread that deals with being attacked on the ground will have a decent percentage of people advocating groin strikes and eye pokes as the the... Read more »