Wing Chun Kuen

Wing Chun Kuen is a beautiful Martial Art that should be appreciated for simplicity and economy of motion. The study of any martial art is long and requires focus and dedication as there are no quick fixes. The basics can be understood very quickly but as with many things to truly master the system takes a life time. Wing Chun training will challenge you but also be very rewarding. If you are interested in starting Wing Chun Kuen training please get in touch.

Senior Instructor AJ Decoteu has been training Wing Chun Kuen for over 15 years and has an abundance of knowledge. Known for his strong base and excellent structure AJ focused on forms early in his training but has recently started really looking into the application of the techniques. Our group meets every Tuesday at 19.00 and we train for one hour. Private training is also available



Wing Chun Kuen is very effective for close quarter encounters. This is an account from one of our members Lee Roberts

“As I have been working on & off in the Security sector after leaving the army, I started working on the Doors in 2014  to help bring  little bit more income to the family.

However I had been involved in a few incidents where I didn’t feel safe enough with what I was doing.

So I went out and found a place for what I needed or what ever I was looking for eventually I found AVMA.

Fast forward 2 & half year later,

I was working on a 2 man door where we was called to incident where people where fighting on the landing of the venue. A young lady had been pushed down the stairs, so after dealing with what was in front of me my colleague took over so I could continue.  A Man was assaulting women, I grabbed hold of the person in question, by what I would call a arm drag, as we was on the stairs, to control the man, at this point my partner was dealing with the women.

The man was swinging punch’s towards me to which I avoided yet again head movement, at this point I slipped passed under the arm pit passed the elbow and tapped the back of  his knees with my hands, this placed the person on to the floor to where I could control him and calmed him down as the venue was full of people having a good time. I sat him up under control, into what ill call holding iron man patch. I.e. control the person, and walked him out of the venue, once out side my colleague moved the public that was drinking out side so we could safely let the man in question go. On doing so he yet again went to hit me, I used a method called of judging distance where I was safe out of range but controlled the situation keeping the public safe.

After this the Boss wanted to speak my colleague & myself.

She was quoted on saying “ I have never seen someone move so fast and deal with a incident with such control and calm manner”

We replied  “can we have a cup of tea”

I have AVMA & members to thank for this as they have given me the skills and know how to deal with real life situations.”