Kids Virtual Kickboxing Studio

Virtual Kickboxing Studio

Time 12.00 and repeats at 17.00
Duration – 30 Mins
Number of students – 10 Max
Number of sessions – 2 sessions a day. one at lunch time that repeats in the evening (16 a month)
Cost per student – £19.99  monthly payment  (works out to less than £2.00 a session)

At Aire Valley Martial Arts, we are currently providing virtual sessions with the intention to keep everyone fit, mobile, active and most importantly having fun. These regular sessions will provide your child with a platform to exercise and learn new skills in the confines of their room in a controlled and safe manner. 

Outline of the Virtual sessions  –

  • Cardio based exercises
  • Body weight exercises 
  • Stretches
  • Kickboxing techniques 
  • Instructional pads/bags (if someone in the bubble can hold them)
  • Instructional shadow  

Any questions please just call us 

What Happens Next?

  • Sign up your child to our virtual sessions via the link
  • Once we have your application we will send you a welcome pack with all the details on how to get started
  • Get Zoom for your computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Have a space in your home with enough room for your child to move around in (3×3 metre is perfect)

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