Warrior Woman. The concept of ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes coming together and using martial arts based training methods to achieve their fitness and health goals. Warrior Woman sessions offer a chance to train with like minded committed ladies in a fun non judgmental environment. if you have ever felt like you wanted to try some thing different to get healthier, meet new people and be more active in the Keighley area, this is the perfect program for you. Each session is crafted to get the most out of each member and features many martial arts based warm ups and exercises that are not in any standard classes. This unique feature is one of the reasons we have a high retention rate along with our coach Jackie Harper.

Jackie Harper has been a pioneer in local Martial Arts and fitness training, leading from the front as an active competitor in both Brazilian Jiu jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Jackie noticed that many female lead fitness and martial art programs were either after thoughts or add ons to existing male oriented programs. With this in mind she set about creating a positive female lead environment where ladies would feel more comfortable and better looked after.

Jackie is IBJJF European Masters Absolute Champion and is qualified in Nutrition, Kickboxing, Personal Training and is an International competitor in Mixed Martial Arts

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tuesday 19.00 kickboxing fitness

wednesday 18.30 brazilian jiu jitsu

thursday 19.00 kickboxing fitness

saturday 10.00 brazilian jiu jitsu

sunday 09.00 cardio / kettlebells

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