Keighley Personal Training

 Martial Arts

The study of a martial art is a lifelong learning experience and far more than just physical training but a change in lifestyle and prioritising your own Wellbeing

Some people prefer to learn a martial art at their own pace in their own time and when its convenient for them. Personal training sessions create super fast learning and advanced training at every session every time.

Fitness and Toning

Personally designed programs ranging from 30 minutes to an hour. Unique training and healthy living guide. Martial Arts based Fitness and Functional Bodyweight Exercises that have worked for dozens of satisfied clients. Toning up and feeling good have never been better catered for.


Health and Wellbeing

Our holistic approach includes nutritional advice and eating guides. Full menu’s can be arranged so you know what to buy and make for the week. Food preparation is a big part of healthy eating, we offer a step by step guide to help make the most of your time and importantly so your never hungry with nothing healthy to eat on hand.

Real world results come from real world training, nothing fancy or hard to follow. Our results speak for themselves

Ladies Only personal training is based on the Warrior Woman Kickboxing program, with functional body weight exercises and kettle bell routines aimed at improving fitness, health and well being.

One of the most popular personal training programs by far is the Chinese Boxing Fitness program.

Taking all the fitness and Strength training for the Chinese Boxing Program and adding kettle bells and core work to create a unique personal training program.

A better way of life through a healthy and active lifestyle.