Wing Chun / Kickboxing. its all the same

Is it better to understand and be capable with a few key techniques or is it favourable to get a wide range of techniques?

There is as always a case for both one would appear safe and steady with basic tried and tested techniques that could also be possibly labelled as limited. The latter would appear all encompassing with a huge tool box of techniques that cover almost every eventuality but could also be labelled as confusing as with so many tools to choose from the job in hand could become more complex than it needs to be.

Gaining the inside line in Chi Sao , Self Defence or Sport Kickboxing is pretty much the same thing if its trained that way

4 pictures showing the same technique in different situations

Developing the timing and distance management techniques for street fighting and self defence is very different from combat sports as  the combat sports athlete will be sober fit strong and most of all trained in fighting and in movement , he will be illusive in his movement and precise in his attacks. The average street fight will have committed striking or grabbing with minimum thought of evasion and counter striking from someone possibly drunk.

That is not to say that that tributes from Wing Chun Kuen and street self defence don’t transpose over to sport fighting and vica vesa.  From both contact and no contact positions the moves and attributes are the same at a very basic level. The concepts and principles are the same too. You never want to get hit and you never want to be off balance. You want to win the exchange and you want it to be over.

Dealing with someone coming straight at you throwing punches is remedial  and not to be confused with something complicated. Control the distance, attain the angle, carry out the technique and go home happy. Much harder to do against a trained fighter but never the less its still the same basics that create the striking opportunity

The simplest methodology to attain the highest level results.