Derby Chu Sau Lei Seminar

Had the pleasure to teach a seminar in Derby hosted at the Chu Sao Lei school run by Roy Boyle with my brother from another mother Aaron Baum on Saturday, it was made even better by the appearance of my long time student and friend Ged Smith making the journey up from Cambridge. We working on some Snake Hand applications from the section of SLT.

wing chun balance and control drill

From there we worked the same sequence into a gloved sparring situation to show the guys how the form is in everything we do in Wing Chun Kuen. Its important to remember that if what you are doing isn’t relating back to the form then its possibly not within the principles either. part of what i love about Wing Chun Kuen is how I keep seeing parts of the forms in other things I do. Wing Chun Kuen shares a lot of the guiding principles not only of other striking martial arts but also of Wrestling in terms of elbow positions and balance awareness and its here  I’m seeing the most cross overs at the moment. it could be the case that when i do more of other things more often I will see them more too. Makes sense right?

“The more I train the more everything becomes the same”.

you can defiantly quote me on that!