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Busy as ever. The day starts early with the first personal session of the day at 06.00. then private classes until 10.00 Monday to Thursday. I get a mixed bag of people that want different things, from fundamentals to professional fighters, and ages from  18 to 58.

After that from 11.00 – 12.00 we have Chinese Boxing classes. These classes cover the basic elements of Chinese Boxing and mainly consist of pad and bag work.

Then from 12.00 -13.00 there’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class that usually takes the shape of drilling and sparring for the most part.

My private clients are a very mixed bag of people that all want different things but all from a martial arts perspective, each client is as important as the next and making sure they get want they want is always the priority. This first blog is here to give an idea of what an average week looks like.

chris cook stance

Chris Cook for the middle of his 3 sessions a week. Chris is working on his general fitness and would like to loose a little weight. I like to use as many practical martial arts drills, padwork and techniques as possible for fitness and cardio clients. This keeps the sessions intense to get the required results but also fun enough to make it not feel like work.


After the warm up we do some Chinese Boxing pad work with head movement, punches and kicks. We then take the same routines onto the heavy bag to finish the session hard. Chris has shown some great dedication to train before going to work and its paying him back with results.

Deon Brunning professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter and current British Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion  comes in twice a week to do some fine tuning and technical work. We have been mainly working on his Chinese Boxing skills combining combinations with more footwork and less head movement with longer range punches. This approach really worked well for us in Deon’s last fight, with him winning via Spinning Back Kick followed by some heavy punches.


Lee Cutler is a former Mr Great Britain that has taken to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, its rewarding to be working with such a dedicated and focused athlete. We are working through the AVMA White Belt program and breaking his four sessions a week in seperate parts of one session for attacking technique and drilling one session for defence technique and drilling with two sessions for rolling

Charlie Plooker & Graham Dance book sessions together and take advantage of the “training partner program” where they book 10 sessions in advance and have specific goals and objectives to work towards. Having  a training  partner in martial arts is the same as having a training partner in lifting in that it helps you keep focused and motivated whilst having a peer to spar at your level, also a very important part is you are sharing the costs. They work on Chinese Boxing skills and sparring basics, neither of the m has any plans on having a competitive match but they still like the excitement and rush of sparring.

Abu Bakr comes in 3 or 4 times a week for MMA training we focus on different aspects in different sessions and on Tuesday’s session Dave Seaton joins him for Chinese Boxing drills and sparring. They work well together and certainly push each other hard